Dave's Story

Following University in Sheffield, I began my career in recruitment four years ago specialising in qualified accountancy within not-for-profit organisations. Whilst I progressed in my career I began to come up against Castlefield more frequently and I was curious to understand more about the competition.

I spoke with my trusted clients from within the sector and asked why they used Castlefield. I was told frequently that Castlefield had gained a reputation as trusted recruiters with an honest and professional approach.

Upon meeting Castlefield I was immediately impressed by their approach to working with candidates and clients and the belief that long-term relationships outweigh short term gains. When I met the team for the first time the passion for the brand and the togetherness stood out to me. Everyone was driven to achieve for themselves but also to push the team to do as well as possible, and with the fully stocked beer fridge it was obvious everyone knew how to enjoy themselves.

I was offered the position and I knew it was an opportunity that I had to take. Although it can feel like a leap of faith to move company I’m delighted I did. I have been hugely impressed by the camaraderie in the office and the potential for growth within the business. It is an excellent office environment and the trust given from the Directors is empowering the team to achieve excellent results. The frequent socials haven’t disappointed and the stories from last years’ trip to Dublin are the stuff of legend. I can only imagine what will happen in Barcelona‚Ķ

The potential for growth in the company is exciting and my career path is clear. Moving to Castlefield was certainly the right move for me and I’m looking forward to a long career with the company.